Mammoth Grey

The Woolly Mammoth is a large mob which will be an early-game threat, a late-game source of food, and an end-game mount.

It was modelled and textured by Mushroomsock

Information Edit

Woolly Mammoths are angered when a player gets too close to a herd, but otherwise are tolerant of Humans. Mammoths have a very powerful attack which can almost kill an unarmoured player in a single hit, so should be avoided until a player has a moderate level of equipment.

Woolly mammoths will be able to be killed using large, advanced traps, such as large pit traps. Spears and Bows will be able to be used as well. Mammoths are afraid of Fire, and will stay away from a player wielding a torch.

If a Woolly mammoth has been raised from near birth, then it will be comfortable around the player. With training the mammoth will be rideable after making a saddle for it.

Woolly mammoths drop Mammoth Meat, Mammoth Hide, and Mammoth Tusks, with a rare drop of the Mammoth's skull.

Woolly Mammoths may have Variants, of colours such as Brown, Grey, Blonde, and Black, as mammoth were found to have in a recent study.