Rituals will be the form of magic in the mod. They will use a series of primitive rituals to achieve effects such as giving potion effects, enchanting weapons, and summoning creatures.

Information Edit

Rituals will involve rare items such as Mammoth Skulls, or other hard to obtain items being placed in certain places, and certain things being done with them, often involving the smashing of a bone.

When a potion effect ritual is completed, the person who completes the ritual will gain the potion effect, or the ability to give the potion effect to the next person they hit, depending on whether it is a positive or negative effect.

An Enchantment ritual will involve the tool being placed along with the items. One the ritual is completed the tool will get the enchantment that the ritual was for.

Summoning rituals will summon ghostly versions of a creature that defend the player for a certain amount of time before disappearing.